Author: Ellen Vivek

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"Sorabora Wewa" (Sorabora Dam) Sri Lanka 2017

“Sorabora Wewa” (Sorabora Dam) Sri Lanka 2017

Where is it? How far from Capital City, Colombo? The fastest route is via Kandy-Mahiyangane-Padiyatalawa Highway which takes approximately 5 h 18 min (225 km). About Sorabora Wewa Sorabora Wewa is an ancient reservoir in Mahiyangana,...

Visit to Independence Memorial Hall, Sri Lanka 2017

Independence Memorial Hall (also Independence Commemoration Hall) is a national monument in Sri Lanka built for commemoration of the independence of Sri Lanka from the British rule with the restoration of full governing responsibility...

Trip to Kotmale Dam 2017

Introduction The Kotmale Dam is a large hydroelectric and irrigation dam in Kotmale, Sri Lanka. The dam generates power from three 67 MW turbines, totalling the installed capacity to 201 MW, making it the...

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