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Sweet on Cuba: riding the Hershey town train

Sweet on Cuba: riding the Hershey town train

The town of Hershey once supplied the US chocolate giant with sugar for its bars – and Easter eggs – and the railway line built for it is an original way to get around an area, east of Havana, rich in beaches and beauty

Visit to Independence Memorial Hall, Sri Lanka 2017

Independence Memorial Hall (also Independence Commemoration Hall) is a national monument in Sri Lanka built for commemoration of the independence of Sri Lanka from the British rule with the restoration of full governing responsibility...

Five leading nature writers were asked to reveal the places in the UK that they love. Their answers, from Orkney to Dartmoor, blend weather and landscape with childhood memories

As the world absorbs the news of Britain leaving the EU, we look at what Brexit means for holidaymakers

The Great Glen Way is one of the most popular cycling trails in Britain. Kevin Rushby sets off through the Highlands to find out why

Never mind the Kumbh Mela, tourists could soon be flocking to Nashik not for its holy riverside, but for vineyards like Sula

As Paul Merton concludes his TV series Secret Stations, the author of the book that inspired the show says there are many more obscure stations to visit