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"Sorabora Wewa" (Sorabora Dam) Sri Lanka 2017 0

“Sorabora Wewa” (Sorabora Dam) Sri Lanka 2017

Where is it? How far from Capital City, Colombo? The fastest route is via Kandy-Mahiyangane-Padiyatalawa Highway which takes approximately 5 h 18 min (225 km). About Sorabora Wewa Sorabora Wewa is an ancient reservoir in Mahiyangana,...

Sweet on Cuba: riding the Hershey town train 0

Sweet on Cuba: riding the Hershey town train

The town of Hershey once supplied the US chocolate giant with sugar for its bars – and Easter eggs – and the railway line built for it is an original way to get around an area, east of Havana, rich in beaches and beauty

Audi Q2: car review 0

Audi Q2: car review

In the land of the small SUV, Audi’s premium compact Q2 stands tall. Just be sure not to buy it in a boring colour