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It is not just absolute numbers of people that have an impact on the planet but the rate at which they consume resources

New laws allow police to search asylum seekers to secure cash and valuables, along with other measures to deter migration

It’s hoodies and T-shirts in 50 shades of grey for the Facebook founder

State of Pernambuco, with country’s most overcrowded prisons, saw two incidents in a week, involving nearly 100 prisoners – with 41 still free

How To Die: Simon’s Choice was filmed over last few months of Simon Binner’s life following motor neurone disease diagnosis

Jennifer Arcurci offers her views on how to encourage women into Stem careers and the importance of understanding your tech

With the Italian senate due to start debating on Thursday whether same-sex unions should be legalised in the country, we’d like to hear what you think

Top 10 affordable matte lipsticks in India | Within Rs 1000

Sponsored Links Top 10 matte lipsticks from the drugstore with you guys! Maybelline creamy matte: Rs 299 (…) Lakme 9-5 matte lipcolour: Rs 400 (…) Blue heaven matte lipcolour: Rs 125 (…) Rimmel kate...

Raabta – A Republic Day Film

Sponsored Links Raabta (Connection / Relation / A special bond) Today was just like any ordinary school day for Pihu, till her elder brother Ranadeep came visiting between classes. Raabta – A Republic Day...

Taxi drivers, teachers, farmers and air traffic controllers among employees taking industrial action across country

President says practice causes long-term psychological damage, jeopardises inmates’ ability to return to society and should only be used as a last resort

Shodan’s search engine capabilities show the need for ‘internet of things’ security to be taken more seriously

The process of scientific discovery is far from mysterious, even if it is often more convoluted than you might imagine

Monkeys that develop autism-like symptoms could be used to identify brain circuits involved in common autistic behaviours and test new treatments

Our Daily Bread- A Thought for the day 2016

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