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The Democratic candidates demonstrated moments of warmth and intimacy in their Town Hall – yet ultimately policy matters most

United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka Wishes in Sri Lanka Style

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A greater number of people, however, are being diagnosed with and dying from cancer due to age and lifestyle factors

Redundancies part of strategy to increase collaboration with industry and boost commercialisation, agency chief says

WikiLeaks founder says he will leave Ecuadorian embassy in London at noon GMT Friday if United Nations investigation says he is not illegally detained

An MIT lab has produced a device the size of a stamp that harvests energy from bending movements. Commercialising it could be a breakthrough for wearables

The biggest source of climate pollution dropped to 34% of US electricity generation and co-author of a new report says: ‘These are permanent changes’

Victorian consumers warned to check fridges for packages of pre-packed lettuce linked to almost 30 cases of salmonella poisoning

Late summer is a festive time on the Western Australian coast, with Perth, Albany and Denmark hosting all manner of music, theatre, dance, literature and film events

Vasantham TV LIVE Streaming 24X7 – Free

Sponsored Links Vasantham TV (Tamil: வசந்தம் தொலைக்காட்சி) (also known as Wasanthan TV) is a Tamil language television channel which broadcasts in Sri Lanka. The channel is operated by the Independent Television Network Limited (ITN...

TV 1 LIVE Streaming 24X7 – Free

Sponsored Links   TV 1 is a Sri Lankan general entertainment television channel which provides English and Sinhalese content aimed at the youth market. Founded in 1992 as MTV Newsvision, it was one of...

68th SriLankan Independence day celebration 2016

Sponsored Links Let every patriot be honoured, Don’t let politics get in the way. Without them, freedom would have died, What they did, we can’t repay. Happy Independence Day   68th SriLankan Independence day...

Announcement of £75m investment in Okinotori islands could reignite long-running dispute between Tokyo and Beijing

Watchdog’s data reveals end-of-life care falls below expected standards at 74 NHS hospitals in England, including seven rated as inadequate

If you are tired of the usual kebabs and want to try an authentic Persian dish in London, visit one of the places chosen by the Guardian’s Saeed Kamali Dehghan

Eight illustrated tales document the financial problems – based on real life in Mumbai – that the female characters face, and how they resolve crises

Norfolk council bosses consider erasing central markings on some roads after research showed it slows drivers

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