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WordPress: Hide Featured Image Appearing on Posts/Pages

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WordPress is a free open source Content Management System (CMS). There are houseful of  free & Paid themes available in the web compared to other CMS.

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What is Featured Image?

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Featured image is representative thumbnail image for a post or page. Features image is very important as an image can describe about the post/page. Another important factor is featured image is very useful while sharing on social network.

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Why to hide Featured Image?

As we mentioned there are plenty of themes available on the web. Some themes shows the featured image top of the page/post as default. No intend to Loading images on top or already having a featured image on page then above key feature is not useful.

How to hide Featured Image?

There are 2 method to hide featured image,

  • Installing a Plugin
  • Adding code in CSS

Plugin to Hide Featured Image Appearing on Posts/Page

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Hide Featured Image

If you want to hide featured image on each page/post manually then this is a good option for you.

Go to the post/page and then find the option called “Hide Featured Image?”.  Then tick the option “No” to hide featured image appearing on post/page.


One Click install plugin and single post/page hide featured image.


Bulk posts/pages Hide featured image not available.

CSS to Hide Featured Image Appearing on Posts/Page

The second option is by inserting a CSS code in custom or additional CSS page or Style page.

Add below code in style.css or additional CSS theme.

.single-post .attachment-post-thumbnail { display: none; }


Single CSS code applies hide featured image on all posts/pages.

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